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What does this picture have to do with Medicare ?   Well, typically women outlive men.  Nana B, in the red sweater, passed away two weeks before her 100th birthday.   I am anticipating that the rest of these ladies will outlive me since the longevity genes stay on the women’s side.  Therefore, it’s important for me to create a legacy plan as early as possible.   One of the many issues I have to understand well is health insurance including Medicare.

I became in charge of these five ladies after my father-in-law passed away.  The littlest one in front is now 18 years old.  My mother-in-law, Dawn, is in the black and white sweater.   Behind her is my step-daughter, Cheyenne, and my wife Victoria is in the black sweater.

My focus lately is providing affordable healthcare for my mother-in-law, Dawn.  I was able to save her $65 per month on her Medicare supplement plan N.    She is still healthy enough to qualify for medical underwriting.

What you need to understand is that the Medicare supplement plan N from company A provides the same coverage as another plan N from company B.   The only difference is the monthly premium pricing that each company can charge.  This price can vary up to $100 per month for the same exact coverage.

Dawn is a relatively healthy 79-year-old and does not take medications on a daily basis.   She tries to maintain her health as best she can therefore she is rewarded with lower premiums.

If you find yourself in relatively good health, you may be able to qualify for a monthly premium discount on your Medicare supplement.   When you pass the medical underwriting, you don’t have to wait for any special election period.   You can switch plans immediately.

Please contact me immediately before your health changes so we can check to see if you’re able to qualify for lower premiums.   Even if you’re not sure if you qualify, you can call me directly at 610-209-9696 or leave a comment below.