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As an emergency room nurse case manager I review about 200 medical cases a day in a 12 hour shift.

A majority of the questions that I get is “is this Observation status going to be covered” ?   In order for me to provide an answer with a high degree of accuracy, I memorized the contents of the website.   I also began to follow and because I wanted to understand how Medicare was being marketed to the Baby Boomers.    I referred a lot of business to local agents when I saw that patients had the wrong type of  insurance coverage.   I began to find out that there is a major gap between selling someone a Medicare supplement policy and truly providing them with a complete guide through their healthcare journey.   People are still confused about their Medicare coverage.   I wanted to provide a smoother transition for the Baby Boomer’s initial experience with Medicare preferably before they meet me in the emergency department.   I sought to help out friends and family with Medicare issues on my days off from hospital work.   I volunteered to speak to groups of seniors in the community to answer their questions about their Medicare coverage before, during and after their hospital stay.

I am finding out that there are a few professionals who are qualified to guide a Medicare beneficiary and their caregivers throughout their lifetime experience within Medicare.   Insurance agents can explain the details of the policy and sell you a product.   Financial planners can coordinate your assets as it pertains to Medicare.   Doctors delegate Medicare issues so that they are not burdened with the Medicare bureaucracy.   Nurses don’t have the time to explain or learn about the confusing, ever-changing details of Medicare benefits.   A growing number of experienced professional Nurse Case Managers like me are using their vast knowledge to guide the Baby Boomers turning 65 to anticipate how Medicare benefits will affect them for the rest of their life.

Geriatric Nurse Care Managers like me can guide and sell the most cost effective medicare supplement policies because I can anticipate the healthcare needs of my clients.   I can also offer short term and long term care insurance to cover the gaps when Medicare benefits stop.   I wanted to control this selling process because I did not want unscrupulous agents putting my lifetime clients into products that create problems in the future.   My goal is not to sell the most volume of policies rather to provide a discussion why certain health, life and financial products properly fit into a holistic approach in providing healthcare guidance for my clients.

I am Board Certified in Case Management by the Commission for Case Manager Certification.   CCMC qualify their members through supervised work histories, education, certifications, professional and ethical standards and pass rigorous testing .   I have also worked in various Emergency Departments and various nursing specialties for more than 24 years.    I am a Licensed Health and Life producer / agent in Pennsylvania.   I was a long distance caregiver for my mother and I cared for my father-in-law with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.   I accompany my mother-in-law during her annual review with her financial planner to ask technical questions about her portfolio.   I also review her medications, review her medical records, guide her through all her Medicare questions and perform general handyman tasks that a 79 year old should not be doing – like getting up on a ladder to trim the tree branches.

My goal for next year is to work with my wife to be away from her job during the fall and Christmas season so that she can spend more time with her mother and our grand daughter.   My goal for the year after that is for my wife to work enough to maintain her work requirements in the ER but with the goal to spend as much time with her best friend, her mother.    When there is a plan to free up the caregiver to care for their parent(s), the health insurance issues are addressed, the financial gaps for care are addressed and the medical issues are addressed, then life events are not as stressful as they could be.

As you can see, these are the same goals I would plan for my family-centered clients because it is an extension of what I am preparing for my own family.    I would not recommend anything that I would not be confident to offer to my own mother-in-law.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation by appointment only.  Please call or text me at 610-209-9696.  I look forward to hearing from you.